ready to roll


im back and ready to roll after a what felt like a kind of long whirlwind hiatus from happenings and this blog. I think i felt uninspired and unmotivated due to things that were happening in my life but that is slowly changing for the better.
A quick update:
1. an inspiring dear friend set off to chennai, india for four months as a social worker for part of her placement so we threw her a tiny farewell and took her to high tea at the loft on king st wharf. perfect view and weather, great company, delicious bite size food and tea and the best excuse to get dressed up for a tea party. I had been waiting for an opportunity to whip out my sretsis flying owl dress! Surprisingly without even eating lunch the treats were filling!
2. The boy and i celebrated our 4 years together with spanish food and a ferris wheel. time really has flown by so quickly
3. I have officially finished my university degree and will be graduating in a few weeks. finally! 4 years for a piece of paper and the chance to wear a funny hat!
4. Going to Melbourne with the girls next month for a small getaway so maybe a little retail therapy is on the agenda.( must remember not to spend too much as im suppose to be doing this thing called “saving” for the six month world trip in feb.
Image by danny roberts


3 responses to “ready to roll

  1. isnt this image by danny roberts?
    x x

  2. oops! yeah sorry i changed it! thanks, got mixed up with my post links!
    btw his such an amazing artist

  3. i agree,
    his pictures are amazing
    i wish i could draw like he could.

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