lash bar


N o w w h o s a y s l a s h e s c a n t b e a r t ?
I first came across cosmetic brand shu uemura during my trip last year to Tokyo and have became quite a fan ever since. In a large department store on the cosmetics floor in Shibuya where there are countless counters of choice of great brands both japanese and foreign and so many sales assistants i still found myself waiting for quite a while to speak to someone at the shu stand. But that was okay,it was worth it. It just shows the extent of their popularity on their home turf. Shu is synonymously known for his amazing LASH BARS, an array of beautiful false eyelashes ranging from the natural to the kooky and eccentric fit for editorials or ones that a dragqueen would be ecstatic to call their own. Another way to express your inner creativity i say! Looking at these pictures i’m tempted to give some natural ones a try as mine are lacking in the length department….though i’m sure getting them on will be quite the endeavor. I can already envision myself giving up in frustration after 10 minutes! Maybe i should stick with his raved about curler then….Have a better look here. x


2 responses to “lash bar

  1. Prettyyyyy…they have a counter at DJs now, but it’s not very big. I’ve always wanted one of the feathered pairs but I would have no idea where to wear them!

    • the feathery ones are so pretty, and you never know there could be an occasion where you’ll be able to wear them out! lets have a crazy party and make an occasion! oh and ive only briefly checked the lash bar out in djs but i want to have a better look x

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