Daily Archives: June 4, 2009

patterned stockings

alexa chung

This is from a past shoot for Nylon Magazine. Since we’re in the midst of the winter season now, its time to bring out the stockings and leggings! As much as i love plain coloured ones, i definately think more patterned ones are on the list for necessary things to buy this season.. as you can dress up a really simple outfit so easily with them on. Just like the pair Alexa Chung has on. They kinda remind me of henna tattoos!


Vivid SYDNEY festival







I posted a while back about the excitement of this festival, and finally got the chance to see it! Above are a few snaps i took myself of the night. It definitely did not disappoint by any means. There were different patterned images projected on the opera house in intervals of about 10 minutes which was great to see and capture, and other different small light installations with one including Yayoi Kusama’s artwork onto the Museum of Contemporary Art’s building. Speaking of Yayoi Kusama, we checked out her ‘mirrored years’ exhibit and it was quite amazing. Its expect the unexpected with her really, but thats what i like. Below are a few sneaky shots we got.. barely since it was a strictly no photography exhibit. Definitely check it out if you have time…the best thing is its all FREE!




This is the “INFINITY ROOM”. The idea is to walk into this room close the door behind you and you are faced with walking onto a platform surrounded by water on both sides and with crazy lights surrounding the whole room. Its like you’ve been transported into another world!