Lucky spot


It seems Stella McCartney’s creativity spans outside creating beautiful clothes. This is Lucky Spot, a gorgeous crystal “chandelier” installation at Belsay Castle in the UK. “she wanted to create something magical, romantic and visually stunning” in reflection of the beauty of Belsay Castle with it’s medieval architecture. She designed a jewelled curtain of thousands of Swarovski crystals that hung in the shape of a horse from the ceiling in the Castle’s Great Hall. Alluring isnt it?

Apologies for the lack of posts lately afraid its the same old story ive been a little pre-occupied with uni work. Not long now until the semester is finished and freedom begins! Well relative freedom anyway. Ive decided July will be the start of my intense savings for my world trip…. so i have a few weeks to get into the mentality of being able to stop spending on unnecessary things.. especially expensive clothing & shoes …A feat which is definately not easy…as my track record shows. i think the phrase of ‘you can look but you cant buy will have to take on a new meaning in my life. Also on the topic of not spending money….cam got us tickets to see Phoenix in August which will be a bundle of fun! There are also whispers of yeah yeah yeahs touring towards the end of the year which will also be a temptation….


3 responses to “Lucky spot

  1. Everything Stella creates is beautiful! Love the pics. Haha are you still going to the sale on Sat or are you going to save? I really want to go…but I have essays to write 😦

    • I agree! Unfortunately im not going to the sale anymore….i would go to have a look but im going down the south coast for long weekend=( I really really want to go though…i dont think ive ever seen an ellery sale before, so many other good designers are selling too! haha thats motivation ..maybe if you finish early you can treat yourself on a shopping adventure. Let me know if you do end up going!! x

  2. i want to go to phoenix! but i think they’re sold out!
    unless we go to melbourne!

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