worlds smallest HD camcorder

Picture 3
Picture 2mino

When i first heard about the Flip Ultra HD mini camcorder it actually inspired me to start thinking about how i wanted to document my world trip next year. Traditionally digital cameras seem to be the way to go, but i’ve started to think more about investing in a mini HD camcorder because some moments are best captured on film and i think i’m in love with the idea of capturing the journey. Yes i know there’s pros and cons to carrying a camcorder with one, taking into consideration the practicality of it whilst roughing it out backpacking styles and the fear of deviant thieves lurking around but i think in the end i will come to the resolve that it will be in fact worth my money, effort and troubles. Besides the Flip Ultra HD is proof that technology is constantly evolving in terms of portability and function and that i will eventually find one that will best suit my needs (very small/compact, storage-mini tapes, HD, economical, easy to use). Even though this camcorder is not exactly what I’m looking for, its a great idea if you want something easily accessible to capture short films that are of movie quality ( instead of relying on crappy quality video on mobile phones) and have a great price point. Features include HD clear quality, internal 8gb memory, large LCD screen and convenient flip out USB attached. I’ll keep you posted on my camcorder hunt!


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