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Its been a slightly chaotic week hence the lack of blogposts. Uni work is continuously stacking up but last week my highlight was going to Valerie Tolosa’s Australian Fashion Week party/show at Kit & Kaboodle with nads. Her clothes were not so much of the same aesthetic or style that she’s well known for but there was one cute blazer amongst it all. Nevertheless we had an awesome time sipping wine and eagerly chowing down the canapes. I think it was so dark in there that someone mistook me from the back for Valerie because of my asian black hair! So a while ago i stumbled across Pages Digital which is basically a series of online magazines ( yes you “virtually” flip through the pages). They’re published online monthly and are of the interactive kind ( did i mention free?). I think its great, the type of new media that has sprung from the internet, giving people different options and access to all kinds of information. It doesnt exactly mean we’ll stop buying magazines but this idea makes sense because the internet is really revolutionizing the way we do things in our lives! So check out fashion magazine pages and music magazine groupie!!


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