Vivid Sydney


Vivid Sydney( 26 May – 14 June) is a unique and new public event which will be the biggest international music and light festival in the Southern Hemisphere transforming the city into a spectacular living canvas of music and light in and around the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Circular Quay and the city centre. Im happy to see the state govt is investing in more cultural events like this one, not only to boost tourism but its something this city has been lacking especially since the Europeans seem to be able to enjoy an abundance of festivals of a similar nature to these eg. the spectacular Festival of Lights in Lyon shown to be courtesy of moiq. Further more many of the events are FREE! Particularly ‘Luminious” will be awesome to check out with Brian Eno’s image/sound installation, 77 Million Paintings (acclaimed at the Venice Biennale). Also included in the music line up are NY group Battles ( which were amazing at BDO 08) and Ladytron!
Fire Sculptures, light installations, music, food? Yes please. You will definately be seeing me there. Read more about it following the link.


One response to “Vivid Sydney

  1. im sooo friggen excited about this festival!! its going to be ridiculously beautiful!

    AAHHH! 🙂

    i heart light installations

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