glebe market stall

Last Saturday Le and I set up our glebe market stall. We always said we’d do it sometime soon, but im glad we FINALLY took the initiative and set up the stall to sell our old clothes/random stuff because the day turned out pretty well. Apart from “possible” showers and struggles to lift and carry heavy boxes with my weakling arms the day went well , quicker than expected and our stash of ” pre-loved” items quickly dissapeared. There were times i would cringe at strangers picking up, going through and dropping my stuff that i once loved just because of an uncontrollable underlying attachment to them but at other times a feeling of relief and surprise that people were buying stuff that we deemed “ugly”. But it really did prove that what’s one persons junk could be another persons treasure or just that we buy things because they are ridiculously cheap! But i really do recommend that if you have alot of clothing and stuff that is just sitting in your wardrobe that is re sellable and need a way to make some extra cash you should do this! So gather up some friends to do this with, so your set up costs are cheaper ($65). Anything else that doesnt sell just donate it to a charity so you really do clear out your closet!


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