Divine Lace

How beautiful are these dresses? It’d be amazing to have these as bridesmaid gowns! I Love the way the delicate lace is incorporated in the construct of these dresses.
Most of you know i love online shopping and can spend hours on end browsing different online shops so i thought id share a few websites ( as per requested) i shop at or often look through whether they be australian or international based for those who want to get started!

– UK chainstore, not like anything we have here in Oz but there are often some goodies at reasonable prices. They ship here too!

– offers awesome all round shop for Australian/NZ designers.

The Grand Social
– a marketplace where you can find items from Ellery, Maise, Bec & Bridge and a few other up and coming designers.

– an awesome UK based online store where you can find great independent and upcoming designer fashion. Great if you have a patience to look through everything.

Violent green
– a Brisbane shop catering for men/women and run their online part of their business through a blog by posting pictures of their new stock regularly. Ive bought from them before and they are really fast of emailing you back about prices.

Urban Outfitters
– a U.S site with great stuff but they unfortunately don’t ship to Australia which is a shame. Still great to get ideas from though.
Image Source: Sasha Fierce


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