so shake it like a polaroid picture

My friend told me about poladroid this cool website where you can download an application that turns your photos into polaroid pictures! Handy for all those who actually don’t have one of their own and since these cameras seems to be a dying breed. The program goes as far as to create a pretty authentic result by automatically adjusting the colour tone of your images, adding the white frame and has the quirky element of making you wait for the image to develop like a real polaroid picture. Its as easy as drag and drop! I though id post some examples of pictures of some recent random outings! enjoy.


One response to “so shake it like a polaroid picture

  1. ahhh Looove it! ive been wanting to take mine out for a spin but its so damn chunky them damn polaroids! there was one under the polaroid brand that i had wanted to get called pogo but apparently its not authentic.. its just an instant printer but not the same as an actual polaroid..
    ill see when the next time i cna lug it aorund!

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