Vicky Christina Barcelona


After all the anticipation of wanting to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona, i finally watched the film. Dont ask me why i was interested in seeing it in the first place because i dont really know. It could possibly be of the intriguing title name or the promotional poster with penelope and scarlett. Either way i was not dissapointed with this Woody Allen creation but in fact quite enjoyed it very much. But it really is a film which you either choose to love or not, depending on your taste in genre as there is a slight artsy overall feel to it in terms of the way it was shot and the peculiar nature of the storyline. Without giving the plot away too much the main focus centers around the dynamic possibilities of relationships all occurring within the backdrop of Barcelona. If anything the film is at least worth seeing just to take in the sights of beautiful Barcelona! Oh i think i will have to call you home one day. 

**** / 5


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